CONSULTATION: New plans unveiled for Weymouth care village on old QinetiQ site

Yes, it looks like the old Qinetiq site WILL get its care village
2nd June 2016
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From the Dorset Echo Website

HERE is the first glimpse of amended plans for a new care village in Weymouth.

Back in 2013 New Care Horizons unveiled their plans to transform the QinetiQ site in Weymouth into a multi-million pound care home village, featuring a museum, cafe, restaurant and promenade.

More than 1,000 people went to the first consultation, and following feedback from the public, the team have tweaked the plans and are now ready to unveil them to residents.

Two public consultations will take place next week at the site by Newton’s Cove, to give people a chance to see the modified plans.

The village, which is predominantly for the over-55s, will feature apartments, a specialist care home and a respite hotel.

There will be a promenade for the public to use, and they will also be able to get access to facilities like the museum, cafe and restaurant.


proposed view

Although directors of New Care Horizons, Martin and Chris Ross, said they could not say which “very well known” chef was involved, they said the restaurant would have a Michelin star.

It is also hoped that the public will also be able to access a 25- 30 meter stretch of beach on the site. The site will have a wall going 18 meters out into Portland Harbour and raised to four meters above sea level. There will also be a returning sea wall incorporated into the plans.

Following the first consultation, several things raised by the public have been incorporated into the new design including, the museum and cafe moving to the entrance of the site, the softening of the roofscape, planting on top of the buildings and the whole village will now be on the height of the hill or below.

Chris Ross encouraged people to visit the consultation,e said:

Come along and see how the design has developed based on everyone’s feedback.

He added:

We can still incorporate the feedback we receive from this consultation before the planning application is put in.

Martin Ross said he was “pleased” with the plans and said he wanted to village to be “vibrant,” with a mixture of people using the public facilities, although the home itself will be secure for residents.

The father and son team said that they had a team of investors behind four care village projects, of which Weymouth was the flag ship one, and hoped to get a planning application into Weymouth and Portland Borough Council by the end of the month. If the project is given the green light, construction could begin in March 2016, with a build time of 24-30 months.

The village will employ 265 permanent staff across different areas of expertise and the team said there would also be additional jobs for locals during the construction phase.

The final public consultations will take place next Thursday, September 17 from 12noon – 5pm and Friday, September 18, from 9am – 1pm, at the QinetiQ site at Newton’s Cove in Weymouth.

There will be a static display of the plans on display from Monday, September 21, to Friday, September 25, at the New Care Horizons office at number 79, Fortuneswell, Portland.

The display will be open to the public to view from 11am-2pm each day and by appointment outside those times.

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